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Welcome to the Email Directory of Electricians and Electrical Contractors  – Your Information Gateway To Over 7,000 Online Contacts.

Do you supply to or network with Electricians or Electrical Contractors in the UK? Are you looking to expand your client base, reach more customers and boost your profits?
If so, then you have reached exactly the right place!
We pride ourselves on being the #1 provider of email lists of Electricians and Electrical Contractors in the UK.
So you can be sure that our data will open the door to 1,000’s of  potential new business contacts, and explode your profit potential in the process.
So What Makes Our Email Directory The Best In The Industry?
Well to begin with, our painstakingly researched and regularly updated information includes details of  5,192 Electricians and Electrical Contractors with 7,081 up to date email address contacts as well as PAF verified street addresses and telephone numbers.
Quite simply, no other email or marketing list of Electricians and Electrical Contractors comes anywhere close to providing this number of accurate and up to date email address contacts, and at such a low cost.
And if you don’t just want to take our word for it, here’s what Colin Morris at Email Marketing Tips had to say:-



* APC Services Ltd are the publishers of the Email Directory of Electricians

So if you’d like to expand your client base, promote your goods or services and increase your profits, then take at look  at what is included in the Directory:–
Total Number of Records:  7,081
Electricians / Electrical Contractors:  5,192*
Website Domain Names:  5,055*
E-mail Address Contacts:  7,081*
Records with a Full PAF Verified Postal Address:  80% of records.
Records without a Full Postal Address:  20% of records  (but such records include details of  the UK region in which the Electrician or Electrical Contractor is located with email address details)
Telephone Numbers:  4,023*

*Unique records


All email addresses were last checked during the 1st week of  April 2014. See the Research Methods page for more details.


View 100’s of example records listed in the Email Directory of Electricians and Electrical Contractors :-

Note: Not all records in the Directory have street addresses and telephone numbers. See above for full details.

View the Names of most of the Businesses listed in the Directory:-

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5 Email Marketing Strategies That Will Boost Your Business in 2014


2014 is here and email marketing is going to retain its popularity this year as well. Those who think that mail marketing is dead, should think again because the results emails are yielding every year can’t be overlooked. However, with the growing concern about privacy on web and people’s natural dislike towards any marketing materials, the task of online marketers has obviously become far more challenging. Technology is changing every year and with the evolution of technology, people’s preferences are changing as well. This is the age of portable internet enabled devices and consumers have become touch-friendly. Now anyone can access web from anywhere and instead of clicking, they simply touch. So, it is the time to buckle up and create a marketing campaign that will lure customers to your site. Bought mailing lists already? Good, then here are some unique strategies that will help you acquire more customers via email marketing.


Make it mobile friendly: Your email should be mobile friendly. It should fit any small or large screen size because these days people mainly use either smartphones or tabs to read a mail instantly. The layout should be lightweight so that it loads faster. Keep the use of images to minimum because most of the email software clients ask user’s permission before displaying images. The text content should tell the potential customers what you are offering to them and why they should buy from you.


Click to call feature: Incorporate the click to call functionality in your mail to make the communication process swift. The less hard work a viewer needs to do to reach you, the better chances you have to convert him into a customer. The click to call feature help customers call you from their phone as soon as they view the mail.


Prepare for major holidays: E-commerce is on the rise and if you sell products directly from your site, then make a list of public holidays and start sending special offer mails just a couple of days before the occasion. For example- “Get flat 25% off on all products on 25th December”. The message will reach all addressees in the mailing lists in advance and you will enjoy a huge traffic increase on 25th December.


Be trendy: Keep an eye on things happening all over the world and find the things relevant to your business. For example, if a recent study says that fat people are prone to heart diseases, then a gym owner can share the link of that article in his email and urge the readers to join his gym to shed the extra fat.


Review performance: You must constantly keep an eye on the performance of your email marketing campaign. If the conversion rate is low, then redesign the template and write fresh content to generate interest among the target buyers. Once you make some changes, give the new mail some time to perform.


Always buy mailing lists from a reputed seller. Note that the message is important, but if it does not reach the exact segment of consumers you are targeting, then your investment will get wasted. Follow the aforementioned guidelines and by the end of 2014, you will see a huge growth in yearly revenue.

One effective way to promote email mailing is You Tube. Please see these examples:






Use the Address Database and Directory of Fashion Accessories and Ladies Clothes Shops as a Remarkable Guide for Shopping

What part of the body are we imagining when we talk about the ideal woman figure? What exactly were all those corsets trying to achieve back in the history? Of course, we all talk and think about the hourglass figure which carries a magical allure. Man cannot look away from this magical curve. Beauty comes in all sizes; therefore, we should all learn how to dress for our size.

There are prejudices that men are impulsive and just enter the store, select, pay and get out, while women prefer to communicate with sellers and endlessly tryout, particularly clothing and footwear. Of course, prejudice is the general opinion, and you will always come across individuals whose behaviour is different.

Use the Address Database and Directory of Fashion Accessories and Ladies clothes shops which will help you select all you need. Swimwear, bikinis, summer dresses and much more. Everything you need to spend a magnificent holiday. When you think about going on holiday, think of all those clothes shops that are just waiting for you. They are here to serve you and help you to choose the perfect outfit that you will find to be astonishing and super cool.

In an Address Database and Directory of Fashion Accessories and Ladies clothes shops at www.fashionaccessoryvendors.co.uk , you can find clothing from various designers. Ladies ‘ clothes shops offer a wide selection of sandals. From fun and colourful soles, ballet shoes, to slippers and running shoes. Diverse shoes enable diverse styling, but certainly most comfortable are flat soles. Search trough the list and find your favourite shops.

Love between shoes and women are mysterious, unbreakable and eternal. High heels in our culture are considered very erotic, but it was not always so. A shoe was born in the 17th century, when it was worn by men and women, but in fifties become a trademark and a symbol of fragility for women. That changed in the fifties when running the high life turned into a sign of confidence and sex appeal.

Address Database and Directory of Florists Is Here for you in Time of Your Special Occasion



Florists purchase, arrange and sell all kinds of flowers. They work in the flower shops, and their workday begins by trimming flowers and decorating the workspace. Every day they make  floral arrangements and bouquets for sale. They use the basic tools like knifes, scissors, wire, ribbons and paper, foam, water sprays, paints and plastic gun.


Most future brides face with the question of how to find a florist they trust, how to choose the most beautiful wedding bouquet of flowers that are available at that time of year … Look trough the Address Database and Email Mailing List of of Florists in order to pick the best service for you.


The best advice is that you book an appointment with the desired florist and explain what exactly you need and for what occasion.  The florist you like can, in fact, be booked a year in advance. Most of them make floral decoration only for one wedding per week, so once you have set a wedding date, found the location of the ceremony and chose a wedding dress; you should give attention to choosing a florist, as well.


The recommendation is always a good start when you are looking for a florist. Check with friends or the wider family who hired a good florist for their wedding. Another great way is to use the Address Database and Directory of Florists. Browse trough it and pick out the one you think is the best one.


Weddings are the perfect place to create a database of information related to the activity as wedding florists and so on, because you can find their contact details, and you can see their work. Every fashion season inspires us with new designs and color combinations.

In addition to beautiful flowers, every season offers us a different fruits, berries, branches … and with such a seasonal approach, you create a unique floral magic.


The Use of Address Database and Directory of Financial Services


We all somehow know and notice that certain people have good luck with money and in any conditions they always have enough money, while others have an accident, and they never have enough money. The energy with which we all radiate, by attracting or rejecting welfare is composed largely of our beliefs, habits and worldviews. Read more at http://www.OnlineFinancialServices.co.uk


Belief is that it is highly important to have a full wallet and a full budget. Unfortunately, those who are supposed to help people, offer solutions without a real sense. No one talks about the only solution – to leave the loser and squalid awareness that the financial crisis generates repeatedly. An Address Database and Directory of Financial Services is a great place to search for financial institutions that can help you achieve your goals. In nowadays; we all struggle with our finances. If you have an idea for a business of some sort, but you lack financial support, you should apply yourself and browse trough the Address Database and Directory of Financial Services. You never know; this list could become your  friend in need.


You can spend or invest money. We spend it if we are replacing it for another form of energy that we need, and we invest it if we invest in a better life standard and higher quality of life. That is why people see spending as a loss, and investment as a zoom.


Today, people no longer want to just envy the rich heirs and observe them from home. Therefore, they devise how quickly they earn much money, in order not to work and be jet – setters and enjoy the wealth and leisure. The only problem is that they concentrate only on the second element of well-being, high standard of living, and they ignore the first part, and it is that the work gives pleasure.


Find Quickly and Efficiently Professional Photographers in an Address Database, Email mailing list and Directory of Photographers


Photographers take photos of people, historically important events, and different geographic regions. It reminds us of pleasant moments or allow us to know what we could see. Looking at the photos, we learn about the people who live somewhere else in the world, about interesting events in the history, of tiny organisms invisible to the human eye. See the Photographers-Online.co.uk


Photos reveal an event that lasted only a few fractions of a second, such as a victory in running the hundred meters race, or one that lasts for few days, as well as the development of a flower. In science, photos help getting to know the different processes that are the subject of scientific studies. We often use photos in commercial, journalism and police documentation. Art photography is a separate branch of art. Therefore, an Address Database and Directory of Photographers is a perfect thing for all those who are looking for photographers and their services. Photographers offer the best solution in accordance with their expertise and creativity. Photographers will professionally shoot meetings, conferences, conventions, gala dinners, presentations, charity events, parties or any other special events, without delay and any stress.


If you need a creative and professional photographic services, you found it; Address Database and Directory of Photographers will end your quest. Use this database to find the best possible professionals to do this job well. We all look at our memories with nostalgia in the form of old photographs of our loved ones, family, children, grandparents, and friends.Photo includes only a clip and a moment of infinite space and time; it stops the image and the reality of life that are in an uninterrupted movement and are permanently changing.

Can an Address Database and Directory of Clubs and Associations be a Useful Tool?

Democratic societies are characterized by the coexistence of the three sectors: public (government), private (market) and civil (civil society). Succinctly, the civil society is citizens who actively and freely intervene in all spheres of social activity.

There is countless number of Associations today, and their area of operation is vast. Their work includes:

•    educational programs

•    volunteer Center

•     publishing activities

•     information and Documentation Centre

•    assessment of community needs

•    networking within the sector

•     Cooperation and linking with other sectors

Educational associations are those which probably have the biggest responsibility, and that is to teach and transfer knowledge on others. Educational workshops are aimed at users who have different levels of knowledge and skills and who come from different sectors (public, business and non-profit sector).

The meaning of the association is to protect and promote the interests of its members or the community. We do not establish Association for the purpose of profit or even less pecuniary gain! However, they can undertake entrepreneurial activities, and use the earnings to finance its activities.

The association funds itself by revenue from membership fees, provision from services or product sold, revenues from a variety of budgets and donations.

It does not matter if you like to start your own association or a  club or you wish to join some of the existing associations or clubs. Address Database and Directory of Clubs and Associations is a good starting point. It will give you information you seek.

Browse trough an Address Database and Directory of Clubs and Associations to gather  all the information you need. This list gives you many advantages and shortens your quest and research. Use it, and you will only benefit from it. The list is vast, well structured and organized.


The Use of an Address Database and Directory of Health Clinics and Centres. An Email mailing list.


The clinic is a small medical institution specializing in a particular branch of medical activity. Of course, the best treatment is prevention. That is taking steps to make sure that the diseases do not occur. You can control certain conditions, such as myocardial infarction, stroke, and hypertension in this way.


Health today, is one of the themes of many conversations.  HealthClinicsonline.co.uk is a Address Database and Directory of Health Clinics and Centres has now gotten a new meaning, and it become a valuable source of information. Health always comes first. Health, in an extended sense, can be viewed as a state of solid physical, mental and social well-being. We often use health as a term of absence of disease, trauma (injuries and their consequences), deformity and mental disorders. Some conditions to maintain health are balanced diet, physical activity and hygiene, and a stable family and social circumstances.


In recent years, health checkups and their benefits (or lack of it) attracted much attention in the media. So what is to be true? Do conducting regular health check-ups help us to maintain better health? The answer is yes, of course.


First of all, let us stick to the prevention of diseases involving modifications of life factors such as smoking cessation, healthy eating, maintaining the proper body weight, regular physical activity, etc. These general measures are undoubtedly very important for our health. But these measures alone will not need a physical examination; we should all conduct them.


Prevention is the best treatment.  Address Database and Directory of Health Clinics and Centres will provide you all the information you need, in order to acquire health clinics and centres. Health is a man’s most valuable possession. You can not buy health, but you can do everything possible to keep your health intact. Listen to your doctor, follow his instructions.


Address Database and Directory of Chiropractors and Osteopaths at Your Service


While your visit to the chiropractor’s office, you will hear stories from patients of chiropractors who treat everything from the common cold to menstrual problems, nerve disorders to cancer. Then you might wonder if a chiropractor can indeed cure all these problems? In truth, the answer is: no. A chiropractor cannot treat all these problems. Your body will treat all of this, only if it functions properly.

A chiropractor can successfully treat a variety of health problems that are the source of pain int the spine and nervous system. Therefore, chiropractors perform preventive and corrective treatment for patients of all ages, from the office to the factory workers, from the weekend sports enthusiasts to professional athletes. Chiropractor helps in achieving a better quality of life and a higher level of physical activity. Although chiropractic is considered a relatively young science, its historical roots go back to the very beginnings of civilization.

When in need of a good and trusted Email mailing list of chiropractors be sure to search  the Address Database and Directory of Chiropractors and Osteopaths ; that will certainly help you to find all the information you need in one place.

A healthy body is a body in complete psychophysical balance and as such is a pledge of quality of life and longevity. Various factors such as stress, sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, overweight, unhealthy diet and a variety of injuries, can disrupt the balance within the body and cause problems and diseases.

Osteopathy, a comprehensive manual, diagnostic and therapeutic procedure restores the body lost balance and encourage its unique, natural self-healing ability.Although, people significantly use osteopathy, it is still considered new, and it has gained greater significance in recent years.Use the Email mailing list,  Address Database and Directory of Chiropractors and Osteopaths to find yourself the best person to help you balance your life.

Address Database and Directory of Insurance Services, Agents and Brokers Will Make Your Search Easy and Simple

In the modern business very often we encounter terms such as brokers, forex brokers, insurance brokers and the like. Insurance brokers are, in fact, special consultants (experts in the field of insurance) that provide professional advice and assistance to policyholders. Insurance Brokers at  www.InsuranceServicesOnline.co.uk professionally engage themselves in providing such activities, and we cannot equate their job with the job of insurance agents since agents carry out other activities (banking transactions, purchase contracts, etc.).

Life insurance guarantees security and financial compensation for your loved ones in case of worst, while at the same time is a very competitive form of savings. Therefore, we cannot ignore the fact of this being a long-term investment for which is nevertheless necessary to allocate significant resources, but if you look at the other, much more accessible forms of insurance coverage, the situation is not much better.

The need for security and stability is one of the basic human needs. Solid sleep and security are things that everyone tries to achieve in their own way. Insurance of life is one of the best and most significant investments out there because, through it, we invest in our own future and security. Address Database and Directory of Insurance Services, Agents and Brokers are something you can rely on. It will be an important tool when you start thinking about insurance of your home, life or anything that you feel that you need to insure.When you start to feel that it is time for you to ensure your property or yourself use an Address Database and Directory of Insurance Services, Agents and Brokers to find an appropriate insurance agent or a broker, who will provide their services to you.

The Benefits of Having Address Database and Directory of Security Alarms Systems and Services


Every single day we read  about burglaries, robberies and other types of crimes. However, one of the best ways to protect your home against burglaries and other crimes is the installation of home security systems, no matter if it is about controlling access, video surveillance or alarm system.


Alarm systems are by far the most effective way to protect our homes and families. When you install an alarm for an apartment, house alarm or an alarm for a cottage, these security systems will make robbers, burglars and other criminals doubt their intention to commit a criminal act on an object that has such protection.


Acquiring an Email mailing list,  Address Database and Directory of Security Alarms Systems and Services via http://UK-Securityfirms.co.uk will provide you with essential information on whom to address when you find yourself in need of some good and reliable services for your safety and the safety of your home.


In today’s advanced times, we think that you no longer need locks, double doors, bars on the windows, electricity on the fence. Nowadays, people can rely on more modern ways of protection. If at the present time, with the current rate of crime, you do not have some form of protection and control over your property, you may be bringing in question the safety of you and your family.


About ten years ago, commercial buildings had the exclusive privilege of protection; such as banks, shops, airports and a like. Today, setting up video surveillance has become very affordable for all citizens, and a video surveillance system are now fully applicable to private objects.


Address Database and Directory Email mailing list and of Security Alarms Systems and Services is certainly one of the best ways to go with, when you are thinking about home protection. It is always good to know, where you can acquire all the necessary data. It is even better when you have a chance of finding all that in one place.


Builders in Australia


The building and construction industry is one of the most lucrative and in-demand businesses in the world today. Its primary role is to build residential, non-residential such as schools and hospitals, commercial and industrial structures and buildings in the community. Aside from those, they also do minor jobs like repair and maintenance services. Some even include home designs and create house plans in the list of services they offer to their clients.


A house is one of every family’s greatest investments so builders should give great attention in building it. Builders should assure their clients a safe and strong home where they can shelter their family members. Likewise, schools, hospitals, playgrounds and malls they will build must be made with durable high-quality materials that will withstand earthquake and other natural calamities. As more and more people aspire to have a house or building of their own, the greater the need is for email mailing lists of builders in Australia. To bring about quick and efficient responses to queries and customer service, builder should each have an opt-in box in their websites. This box collects information from visitors forming your own database.


Using the builders’ email addresses, directory and database, builders can closely look at their potential clients and easily determine their needs and what kind of house or building suits them. They can also communicate with their suppliers, subcontracting firms, professional advisers in the building industry and other partner businesses whenever they want to. The advantage of email mailing lists of builders in Australia at www.builders-aus.com is that it is delivered instantly, affordable and reliable. It is an investment that is really worthy for the price it will cost a company. As a bonus, the medium is found to be truly rewarding in the long-run, adding growth and profit to the business.


Electricians in Australia


An electrician’s work involves installing electrical switchboards, identifying issues and repairing problems in electrical components. They also use and read blueprints for electrical wirings that need to be done. Electricians can work where they are needed, whether in a residential building, a restaurant or a mall. Therefore, if someone needs an electrician to repair a faulty wiring in his/her home, he can just call the electrician and he will go there.


People love this kind of service where they can comfortably sit at home waiting for the electrician to arrive and solve their problem. With the help of email mailing lists of electricians in Australia, this kind of services will be known to more people, adding to the number of the electrician’s potential customers. Once he gets an electricians email addresses, directory and database, he will be able to reconnect with his former clients. This way, the former clients will be reminded that he still does his job and if they will need him again, they can call him. Meanwhile, he can market his services to potential clients through regularly sending them emails containing his job description and duties. He can also use email marketing as a medium to provide helpful information about his field that can address some of the basic problems of electrical components.


Through email mailing lists of electricians in Australia at electricians-australia.com potential clients can immediately ask him questions about things not found in his website or emails. More importantly, they can send in their comments, whether they are about his service, email content or website—they can. With this, he would know where he should improve on. Email lists are truly advantageous to both the electrician and the client as both parties can freely input their thoughts. They also help each one to have the opportunity to know each other first and see if one is worthy of their time, trust and money.

Dentists in Australia


Dentists provide overall healthcare and treatment to conditions affecting the teeth, gums and mouth. He/she is the one responsible for assessing and diagnosing dental conditions with the aid of tolls such as x-rays. More importantly, they are the ones who should educate his/her patients about the importance of oral healthcare. The very important role of the dentist requires a medium that will enable him/her to reach a bigger audience, not only to market his/her services to potential clients, but also to remind people how important it is to take care of your teeth, gums and mouth.


Having email mailing lists of dentists in Australia is a step advantageous to their profession and advocacy to save each mouth from undesirable conditions. Equipped with the dentists’ email addresses, directory and database containing contact information of former and potential clients, dentists can build rapport through informing them about the latest studies and findings to further educate patients on oral care. Update them on the new developments on the field of dentistry, when will it reach the country and whether these will be available in the clinic. Email lists is also considered as a fail-proof venue for gathering comments, suggestions and feedback from clients.


With email mailing lists of dentists in Australia, they can remind people to always take care of their teeth, gums and mouth as a whole, convincing them to get themselves checked as soon as possible. Incorporating tips and other informative materials are always effective marketing. Once consumer trust is gained, more potential customers will be converted into real clients, making dentists successful. Email lists will surely eat some of the dentists’ time trying to reach more audience and enriching the directory and database. However, constant communication with potential customers yields a high return of investment, making it a worthwhile experience.