5 Email Marketing Strategies That Will Boost Your Business in 2014


2014 is here and email marketing is going to retain its popularity this year as well. Those who think that mail marketing is dead, should think again because the results emails are yielding every year can't be overlooked. However, with the growing concern about privacy on web and people's natural dislike towards any marketing materials, the task of online marketers has obviously become far more challenging. Technology is changing every year and with the evolution of technology, people's preferences are changing as well. This is the age of portable internet enabled devices and consumers have become touch-friendly. Now anyone can access web from anywhere and instead of clicking, they simply touch. So, it is the time to buckle up and create a marketing campaign that will lure customers to your site. Bought mailing lists already? Good, then here are some unique strategies that will help you acquire more customers via email marketing.


Make it mobile friendly: Your email should be mobile friendly. It should fit any small or large screen size because these days people mainly use either smartphones or tabs to read a mail instantly. The layout should be lightweight so that it loads faster. Keep the use of images to minimum because most of the email software clients ask user's permission before displaying images. The text content should tell the potential customers what you are offering to them and why they should buy from you.


Click to call feature: Incorporate the click to call functionality in your mail to make the communication process swift. The less hard work a viewer needs to do to reach you, the better chances you have to convert him into a customer. The click to call feature help customers call you from their phone as soon as they view the mail.


Prepare for major holidays: E-commerce is on the rise and if you sell products directly from your site, then make a list of public holidays and start sending special offer mails just a couple of days before the occasion. For example- “Get flat 25% off on all products on 25th December”. The message will reach all addressees in the mailing lists in advance and you will enjoy a huge traffic increase on 25th December.


Be trendy: Keep an eye on things happening all over the world and find the things relevant to your business. For example, if a recent study says that fat people are prone to heart diseases, then a gym owner can share the link of that article in his email and urge the readers to join his gym to shed the extra fat.


Review performance: You must constantly keep an eye on the performance of your email marketing campaign. If the conversion rate is low, then redesign the template and write fresh content to generate interest among the target buyers. Once you make some changes, give the new mail some time to perform.


Always buy mailing lists from a reputed seller. Note that the message is important, but if it does not reach the exact segment of consumers you are targeting, then your investment will get wasted. Follow the aforementioned guidelines and by the end of 2014, you will see a huge growth in yearly revenue.

One effective way to promote email mailing is You Tube. Please see these examples: